Botfuel QnA
Configure a simple "Question and Answer" chatbot in minutes and feed it with new content through an intuitive web interface.
  • Easy to use
  • User-friendly
    QnA Creation

  • Let marketing and support teams create and edit QnAs
  • Flexible
  • Custom Word Corpora

  • Create custom corpora to let your chatbot understand business-specific vocabulary
  • Quick deploy
  • Ready-to-launch QnAs

  • Turn seamlessly a QnA into a chatbot

Botfuel QnA Core Features

QnA Assistant
Assisted creation process through automatic analysis of question quality.
Word Embedding
QnA requires only a small number of questions for your chatbot to understand your users' inputs.
Live Testing
An embedded chatbot interface that lets you test as you build.
Custom Corpora
Complete your chatbot's dictionary with business-specific words, expression and acronyms.
Model Statistics
Get analytics on your QnA model performance.
On-the-fly Model Generation
Automatic computing of a new model every time you add a QnA.