Chatbot Solutions for customer support

At Botfuel we have acquired extensive knowledge on how to design and deploy self-service chatbots for our clients. Check out what our Chatbot Solutions team can do for you.

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Step 1

Analyzing your current self-service setup

Leveraging our vast experience deploying countless customer support bots, we work with each client to analyze the current self-service resources and support setup for seamless chatbot integration.

Step 2

Formatting content for conversations with users

The Self-service content that you currently own may not directly suited for conversational experiences. We help you with writing and formatting dialogues.

Step 3

Getting you up and running

Although it's extremely easy to configure and deploy a chatbot on your website or other favorite channel we can also help you with that.

Step 4

Analysing results

We promised you would get immediate ROI on your customer support chatbot. We show you how to verify it.