Key features

We've done the hard work, you just need to provide the answers

By analyzing thousands of conversations across various industries, we were able to understand how customers actually make requests with a high level of precision and specificity.

Create your first answer in seconds

Whether taken from your current FAQ or specially written for messaging, your content is extremely easy to create and update. Your chatbot will be answering requests in seconds.

Get human agents in the loop when needed

Our chatbots know when it’s time to pass a request over to a real customer support agent, gathering essential customer information to ensure the agent is well-equipped to resolve the issue at hand.

Run it on your website in minutes

Running our chatbot on your website is as easy as pasting a script on the webpages you would like to see it on. And it can be customized to your brand colors.

Assess your chatbot’s effectiveness in real-time

Our chatbots drive serious results. And we give you the proof to back it up. Your personalized Botfuel Answers insights dashboard gives you direct access to key metrics that help you assess your chatbot’s effectiveness and impact in real-time.