HR & Employees

Get a 24/7 AI assistant for each employee

Our pre-trained chatbot can help with onboarding, engagement, HR Queries & FAQ


Streamline HR support

Use AI to decrease your team's efforts and time on task by having a chatbot resolve simple yet urgent problems, such as “how do I file expense reports?” or “I forgot my password.”


Facilitate employee onboarding

New employees who went through a structured onboarding program are 58 % more likely to be with the organization after three years.


Leverage knowledge bases

Although you may already have a bunch of quality HR knowledge available, it will become really useful if you can make it easily available to employees.


Boost HR digital transformation

Messaging and chatbots can help you boost the process of getting your organization fully digital

How it works

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1. Configure channels

With our pre-built integrations to the main chat and messaging channels, we've got you covered.
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2. Add your content

Focus only on providing the right answers, from your existing FAQ page or Knowledge Base.
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3. Track performance

Get immediate results and insights about your customers' frequent requests and problems.
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4. Increase precision

When you know what's important to your customers, it's easy to build a better Knowledge base.