Get into the future of banking and customer service

Ensure your users' banking experience is seamless, because they know you’re always on-hand to help, whether it’s through a customer service agent or automated chatbot support.


Provide the best service

Providing an automated service that answers questions like where is the closest ATM or branch, how can I reset my password, how can I block my lost card, etc


Provide a seamless customer experience

Answer simple account services and payment requests, questions about deposit and credit card accounts, transactions, payments etc.

Agent handling

Give your agents super powers

Botfuel gives you a comprehensive view of each customer’s conversation history, so you have the right context before reaching out.

Instant returns

Boost account openings

We have dozens of chatbots that drive leads, generate sales, and automate support for your business.

Hire a virtual customer bot

With Botfuel AI chatbot technology, you can have a chatbot helping with account openings in minutes, giving assistance and leading conversions

  • Trained with real user data
  • Online banking specialist
  • Handles 50+ use cases
  • Never sleeps
  • Loves repetitive tasks
  • Hands over to real agents when necessary

What you get

+50 Categories covered, including:

Account lifeBotAccount openingsCompany infoContactMobile appSecurityPricingOfferSmall talkCredit cardsSupport

How it works

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Configure channels

With our pre-built integrations to the main chat and messaging channels, we've got you covered.

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Add your content

Gather the best responses from your SDRs and see your Assistant answer in minutes.

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Track conversions

Get immediate results and insights about your customers' buying hurdles.

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