FAQs about AI Chatbots for support

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About AI Chatbots for customer support (But were afraid to ask)

What counts as a resolution?

A resolution is when the chatbot either provides the right answer to a user (user does not provide any negative feedback) or user request is identified by the bot as requiring human answer. We are pretty confident about our intent recognition rate so wrong answers are not counted.

What are custom integrations?

Botfuel Answers offers an extremely easy way to integrate with external APIs (such as for example Order Management systems). Custom integrations are available in some plans. For enterprise plan holders, the Botfuel Solutions team can do the integration to simple APIs.

What is standard and custom NLP?

All Botfuel Answers AI chatbots have been pre-trained with real user data ensuring that each industry-specific model has a very high level of understanding of natural language sentences (Standard NLP). In some cases, you may want to extend the Natural Language Processing offered by Botfuel to specific vocabulary (such as product names). This feature (Custom NLP) is available for Enterprise plan holders.