Your contact rate is too high

Save your customer support team from being overwhelmed with repetitive and time-consuming Level 1 questions.

Automate 40% of queries

Get your agents back in the game.

Our AI chatbot, the most advanced for E-commerce, provides a first line of support that eliminates recurring and time-consuming questions like order tracking. Your agents can now focus on high value conversations and customer satisfaction.

Be available 24/7/365

Don't leave your customers without an answer

30% of e-commerce purchases take place in the evening and at weekends. With Botfuel, no more difficult Mondays skimming the backlog. The first response is immediate, whatever the time of day, and you can always complete it with a human agent.

Squeeze out the peaks

Manage teams more effectively

When contact volumes are multiplied by 2, 5 or 10 during sales, promotions or holidays, the entire organisation and training of teams must be managed. Approach these periods more confidently by asking your AI chatbot to manage the volume peaks efficiently.

+23% satisfaction

Find serenity

If they have to wait several hours for a response, buyers will lose patience and become a brand detractor. By eliminating key irritants and waiting times, your assistant has a direct impact on NPS and CSAT.

Save 25% on your budgets today

 ✔ Interface ultra-simple ✔ Plug & play ✔ Résultats en 1 mois
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