Your selfcare is underused

While 65% of customers prefer to solve their questions independently, they do not have the right tools available

50x more used than a FAQ

Move up a gear

The FAQ pages you took a long time to build only attract a tiny percentage of your visitors. The Botfuel chatbot has 50x higher engagement rates than a classic FAQ.

Proactive and contextualised

Be there when your customers need you

At each stage of the customer journey, your buyers have different questions. By proactively offering them a solution at the right time, you have a direct impact on the Customer Effort Score.

Contact rate divided by 2

Invest in people

To be able to upgrade your agents or re-internalise part of customer support, you will have to reduce the contact rate and free up additional resources. Self-care via your AI chatbot produces spectacular results in a short time.

Covers 80% of queries

Automate everything that can be automated

Are you still receiving too many requests concerning order tracking, delivery and return conditions, payment or opening hours? With Boftuel AI, up to 80% of simple requests can be handled autonomously and instantly.

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