You are missing out on easy sales

A buyer who starts a conversation with a Shopping Assistant Chatbot is 3x more likely to convert

-12% less shopping cart abandonment

Remove the hurdles to purchase

30% of e-commerce purchases take place in the evening and at weekends. If they have to wait several hours for an answer, most buyers will leave your website. With the Botfuel chatbot, removing obstacles to purchase is done night and day!

Controlled budget

Launch your pre-sales in a few days

Launching, recruiting and training a pre-sales team is a time-consuming and expensive project. With Botfuel, for a small fraction of the cost, you can launch a Pre-Sales Assistant who can do part of the work.

Sales support

Don't let your customers down whenit comes to choosing

Your customers ask for information and hesitate before buying expensive or technical products. If they don't find the right buying advice from you, they will look elsewhere. With the Botfuel Assistant, connected to the product catalogue, you bring your expertise and advice at the right time.

+6% conversions

Have a measurable impact on sales

When the barriers to purchase are removed, the impact on the conversion rate is direct. On average, Botfuel Assistant users are 3x more likely to complete their purchase. What if Customer Support became a profit centre?

Boost your sales by 6% today

 ✔ Interface ultra-simple ✔ Plug & play ✔ Résultats en 1 mois
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