AI and Messaging for Customer Experience

The best AI for eCommerce

Our AI models, specifically developed for Retail and eCommerce, built from real conversations allow you to be relevant in user interactions and responses from day one.

Unique conversational campaigns

Instead of pushing unsolicited content to your visitors, initiate rich, highly personalized and interactive conversations with them. See how this changes satisfaction and conversion rates.

Understand user journeys (at last!)

The information provided by the AI tells you what works well and what you need to optimize. Access critical information about customer behavior, interaction patterns, conversion barriers, and product preferences.

Integrated with your existing tools

Streamline your marketing efforts and easily connect Botfuel to your existing technologies, CRM, DMP, PIM, etc...





Your gifted virtual shopping assistant

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You only have a few seconds to attract customers with the right products. Make the most of them.

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Upsell and cross-sell

When products are added to basket, suggest complimentary products through conversations.

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Social proof

Social proofing tactics yield concrete results with conversion rates up 3% in average

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Conversational search

You know your products well, your customers not necessarily. Guide them through conversational research.

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Campaign builder

Stop using static content. Build conversational and interactive campaigns with rich content.

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A/B testing

Test the campaigns and content that are likely to have the most impact and change visitor behavior.

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24/7 answers

Be available when your visitors need you most. At any time and with the right answers to their frequently asked questions.

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Your clients speak different languages and so does Botfuel technology.

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Customer insights

Save valuable time by understanding what your customers expect and what their typical journeys are.

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