Synced dynamic FAQs

Chatbot or dynamic FAQ, why choose? Botfuel allows you to use a single knowledge base that is always up to date.

The best user experience

Boost your self-care

Unlike traditional FAQs, users of a dynamic FAQ have access to advanced search and contextualized suggestions. They no longer waste time searching for answers.

Optimized SEO

Be visible on Google

Our FAQ pages, optimized for SEO, allow you to be more easily visible and to stick to the habits of e-buyers who find answers to their questions directly in Google search.


Minimize maintenance

Chatbot and FAQ share the same knowledge base and benefit from continuous improvement. Our artificial intelligence detects the grey areas of your customer support.

Other features

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Réponses 24/7

Be available when your visitors need you most. At any time and with answers to their frequent questions.

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Your customers speak several languages. That's good news, because so does Botfuel technology.

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Clients Insights

Save valuable time by understanding what your customers expect and their typical journey.

Integrated with your existing tools

Botfuel connects to your existing tools, multi-channel and e-commerce platforms





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