Shopping Assistant for E-commerce

Botfuel allows e-merchants to guide shoppers through their journey by providing advice and product recommendations


Be present at the right moment in the buying process

It's when your shoppers are wavering between products or browsing a technical category that they most need advice and product recommendations. With Botfuel, your Shopping Assistant is triggered at just the right moment.

Simple and scalable

Expand your sales assistance

Once your catalogue is connected, it only takes a few minutes for e-merchandising to create a virtual product expert who will guide buyers through the categories or sub-categories. You can have 1, 10 or 100, with the same ease.


Be as close as possible to your customers' needs

Forget about forms and faceted searches. To find the product that suits them, customers prefer a dialogue with a virtual assistant, who takes into account their needs and offers a personalised shopping experience.

Other features

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Connected to your catalogue

We connect to most PIMs and flow generators

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Your customers speak several languages. That's good, because so does Botfuel technology.

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Clients Insights

Analyse the needs and preferences of your customers in your key product categories.

Integrated with your existing tools

Botfuel connects to your existing tools, multi-channel and e-commerce platforms





Discover all the features!

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