Ecommerce Chatbot powered by AI

Botfuel enables e-merchants to solve 40% of customer queries autonomously, thanks to a chatbot specialising in e-commerce

Easy as pie

Get started effortlessly

Thanks to our AI pre-trained on millions of e-commerce contacts, we cover the 120 most common e-commerce questions, and your chatbot can be launched within 1 month. We take care of importing your knowledge base, which you can then update very easily.

Multiple handovers

Handover as you wish

When our chatbots are confronted with Level 2 and 3 questions, they know how to redirect your customers to the most appropriate channel and teams: chat, form, phone, etc. Your teams don't waste time on the wrong channels and become more efficient.

Continuous improvement

Advance your customer experience every day

You won't reduce your Contact Rate without knowing the exact nature and volume of your customers' problems. Botfuel allows you to optimise your customer relations by focusing your efforts on the most relevant topics.

Other features

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Answers 24/7

Be available when your visitors need you most. At any time and with the answers to their frequent questions.

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Your customers speak several languages. That's good, because so does Botfuel technology.

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Client Insights

Save valuable time by understanding what your customers want and their typical journey.

Integrated with your existing tools

Botfuel connects to your existing tools, multi-channel and e-commerce platforms





Discover all the features!

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