Botfuel NLP
Off-the-shelf natural language processing technology to build chatbots even from small datasets.
  • Understanding
  • Entity

  • Recognize up to 30 complex entities like dates and addresses, in 4 languages
  • Checking
  • Spell

  • Spell-check your user inputs using generic or custom dictionaries
  • Analyzing
  • Sentiment Analysis

  • Analyze user inputs thanks to our machine-learning algorithm

Entity Extractor Core Features

Complex Entity Extraction
Easily extract time intervals, dates and addresses among a total of 30 entities.
Ready for internationalization, our extractor recognizes entities in English, French, Spanish and German.

Spell-Checker Core Features

Custom Dictionaries
To fit your business needs, integrate custom dictionaries to make sure you bot speaks fluently with your customers.
Spell-check your user inputs in any language you want.

Sentiment Analysis Core Features

Machine-learning Algorithm
Use our machine-learning algorithm to quickly understand user sentiments.
Analyze sentiment in both English and French.