Customization and Loyalty : new watchword


By Margot Bonhomme, Marketing Manager @Botfuel - November 05, 2020

Loyalty costs 7 times less than acquiring.Why deprive yourself of it? A loyal customer can become a promoter and therefore recommend your brand and bring in new customers. Without any extra effort on the part of the business. But to get there, customers demand real-time personalization, and expect an individualized experience.

A fragile relationship between brand and customer

In 2020, the customer is more than ever king (or queen). The roles are reversed. With increasing competition between e-merchants and an ocean of choice for consumers, companies need to stand out. They also need to build loyalty. A loyal customer is a customer who will, in the long term, commit to the brand.

On this point, consumers feel they are generally loyal: 72% to the brands they consume and 68% to the brands where they shop.(1) However, the relationship is more fragile than ever:

  • 64% leave a brand because of a bad experience;
  • 48% leave a brand because of a lack of recognition;
  • 23% leave a brand for not listening to feedback.

Added to this is a biased perception on the part of brands. According to a study by Forrester, 89% of marketers think their work on marketing campaign personalization is relevant - that is, they are addressing the right product, to the right customer, on the right channel, and at the right time. However, the same study reveals that only 5% of consumers believe they receive messages adapted to their needs, at the right time and on the right channel.

A massive difference in opinions. What are consumers looking for? Why do they choose one brand/product over another?

  • 80% of consumers want personalized offers;
  • 75% of consumers are willing to share personal data with trusted brands;
  • 56% of consumers feel more loyal to brands that show they know them.

“Digital has opened up endless possibilities in the field of retail because it has changed consumer practices. Today, brands must respond to an ultra-connected customer, who is used to being presented with the right offer, at the right time with the right service." Arnaud Gallet, Paris Retail Week Director

It is therefore necessary today to individualize and personalize the digital relationship with consumers.

AI personalization use

Personalize the relationship? Yes, but in a specific way! Many technologies can help you. Two examples are AI and conversational marketing.

The goal is to satisfy the customer. You can offer them targeted product recommendations and a seamless purchasing journey. Like an in-store experience, visitors are guided through the categories - departments - that interest them. Thanks to a shopping assistant - visitor conversation, the latter is offered products and content based on his search. The “inconvenience of choice” suffered by the customer during his journey is then reduced.

As an added benefit, brands gain valuable data thanks to user conversations. They can then create intelligent segments, allowing them to deliver individualized and personalized campaigns in real time. Of course, these brands must always keep in mind GDPR.

Now, with online shopping increasing, is the time for innovation. Current methods must be set aside and you must put the human first. This allows you to better understand who your customers are and what they expect. Forget about generic notifications and messages. Start one-to-one conversations with your users. If they feel understood, they will come back.

As Magalie Lasfargues, Head of Managed Services, Experian Marketing Services explains: “to take advantage of emotion in the customer journey, what is important is knowing how to combine contextualization, personalization, automation, real time (very important) and the cross channel part ”.

The goal is to create a personalized relationship with each customer as you might do in-store. That's why, beyond AI and personalization, you need to bet on an omnichannel strategy.

  1. Odoxa polling institute and the Emakina agency

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