Overcome purchasing obstacles (2) The delivery costs


By Margot Bonhomme, Marketing Manager @Botfuel - October 07, 2020

One of the biggest restraint for purchase on e-commerce websites is the delivery costs. Consumers expect items to be picked up easily, delivered quickly, and not paid excessively high shipping costs.

The different delivery options offered, influence the conversion rate of e-commerce websites. They also affect the number of items that customers add and, therefore, the average basket amount. What strategy to put in place to reassure customers about delivery costs and overcome this obstacle to purchase?

The online shoppers' behavior in terms of delivery

Delivery is one of the main reasons customers turn to e-commerce. For 64% of e-shoppers, it is a key factor when buying online. Real conversion accelerator, it can also become a major barrier to purchasing if it is not optimized:

  • 90% of customers claim that delivery times are a major criterion for buyback from a merchant;
  • One out of two buyers want home delivery;
  • Two out of three visitors switch of a website to others to benefit from a delivery more suited to their desires ;

However, the priority request remains the price: 44% of visitors abandon the order if they deem the shipping costs too expensive. This is why many e-merchants are turning to free delivery. It requires having a real upstream and downstream strategy. According to Ifop, 65% of consumers define “free delivery” as a key criterion for their purchases. This demonstrates the importance of delivery on the customer experience. But how to make it more positive?

How can a Shopper Assistant help you convert?

In order to offer the best customer experience, it is necessary to analyze the purchasing behavior of your customers. Thus, via a conversational campaign, you’ll be able to push the most optimal costs and means of delivery for each.

The promo code

We no longer need to present the promo codes to you. For several years, they have been one of the most widely used marketing techniques to the delight of customers. It became a real consumer habit : one out of two users admit to abandoning their basket if they cannot find a promo code. Therefore, offering discounts and benefits is a powerful weapon in the battle for conversion. Faced with the obstacles to purchasing, offering delivery costs is a quick and easy way to reduce them. If the visitor hesitates on your website after having filled his basket, a Shopping Assistant can, for example, offer him a promotional code limited in time offering him delivery. Thus, the person will feel privileged. He or she will also be more likely to validate his/her basket in order to take advantage of the promotion.


The Minimum Purchase Amount

Psychologically, customers would rather add a product at a higher price of the shipping costs than pay those costs. In fact, 87% of customers are ready to take action to avoid delivery costs. 43% add an item to profit from the delivery costs offered. The shopping assistant can also offer him/her different products corresponding to his/her previous searches and allowing him to cross the threshold.

The Click & Collect solution

From an amount, offering free delivery represents an interest for you. What to do with small baskets? You can offer free click and collect through a conversational campaign. This has the advantage of bringing the customer to the store and promoting your store locator, the real cornerstone of an effective omnichannel strategy.

The next command

Converting is one thing, building loyalty is another. Acquiring new customers takes more effort than retaining your customers. These later can even turn into promoters in the long run. By offering postage for the next order, you keep your customers coming back.

Highlighting the most suitable shipping costs for each visitor in an ultra-personalized way reduces the barriers to purchasing and converts better.

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