Increase your conversion rate thanks to an effective conversational strategy


By Margot Bonhomme, Marketing Manager @Botfuel - September 02, 2020

On average e-commerce has a conversion rate of 2.5%. Given how low this statistic is, it comes as no surprise that e-commerce is ripe with opportunities.

As competition increases between e-merchants, it is now necessary to work on a streamlined conversion funnel. Many visitors are lost when they land on a new website. By increasing the interactions you have with each customer, you will increase your conversion rate. Conversational marketing makes this possible.

But what do the numbers say?

  • 35% of online shoppers have already ordered a product using a virtual assistant;
  • 47% of consumers say they are ready to buy items using this technology;
  • 40% of internet users don't care whether they are being helped by a robot or a real human. What matters to them: responsiveness and relevance;
  • Increase in the conversion rate by 10x on some sites, in rare cases an increase from 2% to 20%;
  • Increase in order value: visitors who chat with a brand spend on average 12% more than those who don’t;
  • Increase in repeat purchase: visitors who chat with a brand are 2.2 times more likely to order again within 90 days after the initial conversion;
  • Engaged customers buy 90% more frequently than average customers;
  • Engaged customers spend 60% more per purchase than average customers;


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