New integration - Botfuel meets Magento


By Yan Georget, Co-Founder @Botfuel - June 19, 2019

You can have an FAQ chatbot running on your Magento website in minutes

Botfuel is a software company developing AI chatbot building platforms targeted at medium and large companies. Botfuel Answers is an AI chatbot specifically pre-trained for ecommerce related questions and designed to provide quick answers to shoppers. As a store owner, you just need to enable some of the pre-defined questions and to provide the corresponding answers. In case where the bot does not understand, you can propose to the user to be put in contact with an agent by email. You may also want to customize the look-and-feel of the chat window and to choose its position on the screen.

This extension allows you to add a Botfuel Answers chatbot to your Magento store. Once added, a chat window will appear in your store. Your visitors can open the chatbox and ask questions without interrupting their shopping experience. In cases when the bot cannot answer, it will email the request to a human agent if this is enabled in the configuration of your chatbot.

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