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By Anissa Sersoub, VP Marketing @Botfuel - February 06, 2019

Discover how FDJ uses a Botfuel AI chatbot to help with their sports betting offer

Created in 1976, La Française des Jeux (FDJ) manages lottery and sports betting activities in France. With the massive arrival of new online betting players, the FDJ had to review its commercial strategy and launched since 2009 its ParionsWeb platform and its ParionsSport betting offer in its local distribution network. With an increase of 45% compared to 2015, to €2.08 billion, sports betting is now a major issue for the FDJ. Meeting with Ghislaine Rabec, Innovation/Experimentation Open Innovation Manager.

A chatbot to innovate in sports betting:

In a world in constant technological revolution, being able to keep up with these developments and adopt the best solutions has become crucial for a large company. This is where the FDJ's Open Innovation Department comes in, whose mission is to detect technological trends, connect FDJ teams to innovative external ecosystems by helping to test new solutions and industrialize them.

Faced with competition from new online players, it was vital for Sports Marketing teams to find solutions to revitalize their offer. "The offer of Paris Sportifs is very dense, it is difficult to navigate when you are a new user", says Ghislaine Rabec, "using a chatbot made sense". After major investments to make the sports betting experience interactive at the point of sale, through a mobile application and e-bulletins, the chatbot presented itself as a natural response, complementary to existing solutions.

The deployment of the Bot ParionsSport PDV with Botfuel:

The solution: the Messenger Bot ParionsSport PDV chatbot allowing bettors to generate their betting e-bulletin before going to the point of sale. The FDJ thus offers gamblers a new experience in which they can search and bet by expressing themselves in natural language during a conversation with the chatbot. "For the moment, we have limited it to football and simple bets," says Ghislaine Rabec. The chatbot dynamically integrates new matches and their odds, allows to generate on-the-fly images to summarize bets and e-bulletins in the form of QR Code, and finally, geolocates the user and shows him the shortest route to a point of sale directly in the bot.

"The development was fast and the implementation was smooth," explains Ms. Rabec. By integrating the business, digital and IT teams in the development and capitalizing on the existing elements in the application, the Open Innovation and Botfuel teams were able to deploy a chatbot very quickly.

"The first results are very good, for the end of the sporting season" explains Ghislaine Rabec, reporting more than 4000 users and 10 000 conversations after 1 month. "But the most interesting for us are the user feedback" obtained thanks to a feedback loop installed in the bot. The chatbot obtains an average satisfaction score of 4.9/5 and new features have been requested by users, including combined betting. "A functionality that is not easy to develop" explains Ghislaine Rabec but implemented thanks to Botfuel technologies for the resumption of the championships at the end of July.

Ghislaine Rabec's advice:

"You have to determine your use case carefully. The chatbot must meet a business need. The chatbot allows you to access information fairly quickly, but you need real utility for the end customer."

Some figures (February 2018):

  • 5 sports now available
  • More than 250 matches per day on average.
  • More than 26,100 unique users
  • More than 192,000 messages exchanged
  • more than 9,000 QR codes generated

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