Conversations that drive conversions

Use conversations and AI to engage with and respond to each visitor individually and customize customer journeys. All without changing your ecommerce website.




Our main objective is to make the customer journey as simple and fast as possible by offering a product that meets the user's needs.

Get to the next level in customer experience

Engage every visitor

Just like in a physical store, provide each visitor with a virtual salesperson ready to answer questions and give personalized advice.

Increase conversions

Botfuel allows you to qualify in real time the purchase intention of each visitor to your site. This way you can identify among your visitors those who are hesitating and those who are about to buy... and trigger appropriate conversations and content!

Simplify search

54% of people abandon an ecommerce site because they find it too difficult to find the right product. Botfuel search technology focuses on user needs rather than on product features.

Hyper-personalize effortlessly

Augment your hot data with user intentions expressed in conversations to create intelligent segments and build hyper-personalized user journeys.

Powerful but easy to use platform

Built for marketing teams. Deployed in a few weeks.

Easily create campaigns, build conversations, connect to your products, and track KPIs without any help from your IT department.

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